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The czech pop star, called Sinatra of the East, is not only an ordinary pop music singer. Many people believe that he is estimated to become a second Mario Lanza. He has a skilled tenor of an unbelievable streght and beauty.

BRAVO, 1969

He has recorded a record sung in German in Hamburg… and who has heard that, asks himself, what this brilliant voice will mean on the worldwide song market. There’s no doubt, Karel Gott has already today become the most sensational discovery of the year 1967…


Karel Gott – the star of the program Europa 68…  joins Sinatra’s finger cracking with singing in style of Billy Daniels, pleasing your ears and the result style is practically all-american..


… many of you, Las Vegas citizens, have seen and heard many conceivable types of singers. From the already mentioned “last great singers” up to the”newly risen ones”, which have already passed any records in selling their records. Despite of that, Karel Gott, a star discovered in the hotel Frontier, reaches high in area of all known types. His songs, foreign and domestic, do not show any faults.


Furthermore, Karel Gott has beautiful voice and he sings perfectly. This way he compensates his behaviour on the show, which – by the way – is not artificial in any way. We can suppose that one prefers talent to performance in Czechoslovakia.


You can describe Gott without any hesitation as a singing virtuoso.


After this broadcasting follows a political discussion. I’m prolonguing the broadcasting time and appologize to them, but at the same time, I am giving them an advice: they should listen to Mr. Gott and then they certainly will discuss in a different way. In a calm way.

VICO TORIANI (in front of 40 millions of viewers of Eurovision)

Gott has effaced the american president Nixon – And when the chief magistrate of West Berlin, Schütz, met Karel Gott last evening (the same magistrate who shook hands with Nixon), he had to confirm that Gott’s success was bigger…


Gott had to encore, he chose a song called Delilah (Cas ruzi), which my orchestra started to play in a different scale. Gott was not put of of countenance, so that we could experience a brilliant high C, which any opera singer can envy him heartedly.


The Czechoslovakian citizen Gott is a perfect singer in the style of american music theatre. His presence decorated every concert stage worldwide…


Gott from Czechoslovakia was the biggest surprise at the festival in Rio de Janeiro…

O CRUZEIRO, 1969 (Brasil)

Karel Gott should have received an extraordinary price for singing performance for the semi-final and final performance from the jury in Rio de Janeiro.  He deserved it more than the awarded singer, Paul Anka…

O GLOBO, 1969 (Brasil)

All of the performances in of Karel Gott Soviet Union have been completely sold out for several weeks in advance. Thousands of interested people were trying the get tickets every day. In vain. And they would be trying in vain, even if Karel Gott would be singing here without any break for several years. He is so famous, he has so large faith of the public and professionals…

NIKOLAY ALESHCZENKO, Goskoncert director (Russia)

The biggest sensation of the Varader festival has become Karel Gott. Fifteen thousand viewers have been driven to enthousiastic ovations by him. The scansioned applause would not stop, and the czechoslovakian artist had to encore song by song long after midnight..


Gott is really a big master.

IVAN SEMJONOVICZ KOZLOVSKIY, National Artist of Soviet Union

While listening to a romance called Ja vstretil vas, which he has made popular… Natural, released and direct… he can draw the audience to his singing world. He makes them forget everything.


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